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For all Crosslink students and parents of students who are attending "We Are Church." Please note that we are allowing our students to spend the night Friday night at the church. This is optional. We will have adult supervision and all students will have to go to sleep by 1 am. If your child wants to spend the night at the church then make sure they bring a sleeping bag (boys and girls will sleep separately), tooth brush and tooth paste, deodorant, a change of clothes (no showers), and bible. You may also bring personal snacks and drinks for yourselves or to share. Also, fill out a 2018 waiver found here.

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What is it?


"We Are Church" began in 2017 for the purpose of reminding the people of the church about who they are and Whose they are. Originally meant for Middle School and High School students, we quickly realized that the we can't segregate the church while attempting to be the church and learn more about her identity. So, we decided to open it up to all people who are a part of the church, or who are interested in learning more about her. In 2017 the theme was all about who we are as the church, and what she ought to look like to the world around her. This year, 2018, we want to focus solely on "Whose" we are. Everything will be focussed on God because we know that the only reason we exist as the church is because of Him.


When is it?

This year the dates for "We Are Church" will be Friday night, March 2nd and Saturday, March 3rd, 2018.

What is the cost?

The cost will be $15. This will cover costs associated with food and snacks.

    What should you expect?

     Pastor Ben Francis of Parkwood Baptist Church  in Gastonia, NC.

    Pastor Ben Francis of Parkwood Baptist Church  in Gastonia, NC.

    Friday, March 2nd

    • 6:30 pm: People arrive at Crosslink Community Church
    • 7:00 pm: Worship at Crosslink Community Church with Guest speaker Ben Francis, the Young Adults Pastor of Parkwood Baptist Church.

    Saturday, March 3rd

    • 9:00 am: Breakfast at Crosslink Community Church
    • 9:30 am: Worship
    • 11:00 am: Workshop 1
    • 12:00 pm: Lunch at Crosslink Community Church
    • 1:00 pm: Workshop 2
    • 2:00 pm: Workshop 3
    • 3:00 pm: Afternoon Break
    • 6:15 pm: Final worship service at Crosslink Community Church with Guest Speaker Ben Francis.


    What Workshops will be available?

    The Solitariness of God
    The Sovereignty of God
    The Immutability of God
    The Holiness of God
    The Omnipotent/Omnipresent God
    The Faithfulness of God
    The Love and Goodness of God
    The Wrath of God
    The Omniscience, Knowledge and Wisdom of God
    The Justice of God

    What about Adults and Parents who are interested in participating, but have small children?

    To help out, we will have childcare provided for parents during the worship services and workshops. Please let us know on your registration form.

    Want to Register?

    Click on the form below and send $15 to Crosslink Community Church. Please make all checks out to Crosslink Community Church and put on Memo, "We Are Church 2018." Registrations and balances are due by February 25th, 2018. If you are bringing a group from your church, you can contact Jason Palmer at jpalmer@crosslinkcares.org and work out registrations.

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