Parents of infants will find a safe, playful, and loving environment that cares for babies during both Sunday morning worship services.   

Two through four year old children will be engaged in an active and hands-on biblical curriculum presented through gentle and welcoming teachers who love to sing, do crafts, and love each child through their teaching.


Our Kindergarten and Elementary children enter into both large group and individual age group teaching segments. The children enjoy learning about the truths of the gospel through curriculum video presentations, games, crafts, song, and age-appropriate study of the scriptures. 

Our desire for the Crosslink Children's Ministry is to encourage a family experience where parents of middle school through college-aged students are engaged in serving within the ministry as we teach our children. 

 There are numerous ongoing opportunities in which to serve: 


o   Substitutes
o   Welcoming/Check-in
o   Teachers for 4th/5th Grade (2nd Service)  
o   Assistant for 2nd/3rd Grade (2nd Service) 
o   Floater (Serves in areas where help is needed during the course of a service) 

     Scheduler for all Services needed


o   Substitutes
o   Welcoming/Check-in
o   Infant Care
o   2-3 & 4-5 year old Part-time Teachers
o   Classroom Helpers
o   Floater (Serves in areas where help is needed during the course of a service) 


If you consider Crosslink your church home, and would like to serve with us in the ministry, then please complete the following form to express your interest to serve.

All volunteers must submit a Background Consent Form before working with any children at Crosslink Community Church. Please email the following form to or print off, fill out, and submit the form to the Church office.

Photo Release Form

We ask all Crosslink families and visitors to fill-out this form. We thank you for your participation. Have a great day!

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For more information please contact one of the following folks to help get you plugged in.